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How to Make 5 Key Sounds of Ben Böhmer in Serum (Anjunadeep Tutorial)


What's up guys! Welcome to The Sound Design Channel - my name is LAR and today we're going to look at five key elements from Ben Böhmer’s sound - so let's have a listen to what we've got:



It's this really nice, warm, melodic sound that was really signature from Böhmer. I used some patches from Serum to make this. Let's go through some of the things in here including the drums.

Everything is taken from Ben Böhmer’s pack which he made with Production Music Live. Let's have a look at the drums which are also taken from the Böhmer pack.

  • The Kick Drum

  • First we'll go through the kick - so it's just a really nice soft kick, got a nice punch to it - not too much in your face. It’s got a short sub tail and that’s it. THere’s really nothing too magical there. I didn’t do any crazy external processing - just a little bit of EQing (taking a way the click in the sound).


  • Drums

    Let’s move onto some other drums. We’ve got nice loops here which make up the top end. I really like using shaker loops because they have a really nice human feel to them and then we’ve got these kind of ride loops as well. We’ve also got some little percs in there - and then we’ve got this main clap loop with a nice shaker in there as well:

    audio clips ableton


  • Bass

    Let’s take a look at the bass sound. It’s simple - it's taken from the Melodic House Serum Presets Pack. All it is is two oscillators which are the the sawtooths. One of them is pitched down an octave. There’s no modulation going on with the envelope. it's just going through this MG Lowpass 12 filter and there's a little bit of tape saturation here as well.

    xfer serum


  • Pad

    Let’s move onto the pad sound.

    midi clips notes

    It’s a pad called Prophet from the Melodic House pack. It’s this “Basic MG” wavetable which is a cross between a saw wave and a square - it’s more rounded, a bit smoother. We’ve added a bit of unison to spread it to the sides and a little bit of detune. It’s going through this German Lowpass filter as well, which controls the sound nicely.

    xfer serum

    The LFO, which is the only thing that’s really doing some modulation here is being attached to the cutoff filter and it’s also attached to the noise oscillator. It all forms a triangle waveform within the LFO where it’s opening the sound and closing it down again:


  • Pluck

    Let’s move onto the pluck.

    It’s just repeating the F in the octaves of chords - if we have a look at it, this is the only sound within the serum patches from a separate pack - it’s form the Innerbloom pack from Production Music Live. It’s just two sine waves - one of which has some modulation - the “Bend +/-” setting is used to add some additional, saw-wave-like harmonics.



    xfer serum

  • Swells

  • The swells are something very typical for Ben Böhmer. He’s just having this kind of wave thing that comes in and out and it’s just about playing the same chords but layering it on top. It’s taken from the same pack - I just changed the notes a little bit.

    xfer serum

    Sound design wise, this one is a bit more complex - it’s just this “electric guitar” wavetable and this “Kream” one - which is the one that’s doing most of the sound. We have a bit of detune applied as well.

    All the modulation here is this LFO, which has a soft shape - it’s kind of a rising shape and then it closes down quite quickly. That’s being attached to the noise oscillator which is actually not on right now - and then the cutoff filter, and I think just some other stuff - like reverb.



    That’s it guys as for this sound.



    Thank you very much, I will see you in other tutorials. Peace! 

    - LAR

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