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Musical Modes and their Emotions & Characteristics (for EDM)

musical modes and their emotions

Musical modes and their characteristics or emotions help us set certain moods for our tracks. In modern electronic music, this can be extremely helpful to create a very specific vibe in your tracks. Modes can also help you add an unexpected flair to your melody and songwriting. Musical modes can be divided by their tonalities: Major, Minor, and Diminished (locrian mode). Ableton Live 11 has a nice new scale feature which also allows you to highlight modes. Here's a quick list of modes and emotions to chose from:


Ionian Mode (common major scale): - Bright, Joyful, Stable

- example: Chainsmokers - Closer


Dorian Mode (m): - Jazzy, Bluesy, Rocky, Thoughtful, Uncertain, Sophisticated

- example: Dropkick Murphy - Shipping Up to Boston


Phrygian Mode (m): - Exotic, Latin, Lively, Dark, Mystic

- examples: NGHTMRE - Burn Out, DJ Snake - Turn Down For What


Lydian Mode (M): - Hopeful, Dreamy, Heavenly, Yearning, Ethereal, Uplifting

- examples: Zelda - Lost Woods, Andrew Bayer - Once Lydian


Mixolydian Mode (M): - Positive, Bluesy, Rocky, Poppy, Searching

- examples: Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly


Aeolian Mode (Common minor scale): - Sad, Melancholic, Romantic, Oppressive

- examples: Skrillex - Scary Monsters, The Weeknd - The Hills


Locrian Mode (m):

- Complex, Unstable, Exotic, Tense


Here's a nice post on reddit, taking this a bit further.

If you like to learn more about setting moods, writing chords and melodies, feel free to check out our "Harmony" course series. 


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