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Downloads for: How To Create A Melodic House Loop [Beginners Tutorial] in the Style of Ben Böhmer


Full tutorial on our new YouTube Channel "Ableton Tips". 

Download the samples here (free):

>>> Download Samples

- zip folder, 3 MB, direct download

No E-Mail needed. Just zipped Samples. 


In this video, we are making a Melodic House Loop completely from scratch in Ableton Live 11. We are only using Ableton built-in instruments and effects (no 3rd party plugins). Have fun exploring Ableton Live 11 together with Jules / Bound To Divide. 


Do you want to produce music like Ben and set up your own live sets? Then check the links below!


Produce like Ben Böhmer 

Check out the all new Ben Böhmer Deep Melodic Production Pack. You will get instant access to 5 new Ableton Template Files in the style of Ben, 1 Drum Sample Pack and the Default Live Performance Ableton File to start building your own live sets!


 >>> GO TO Ben Böhmer Vol. 2 - New Production Pack


What you are getting:

✓ 5 new Ableton Project Files

✓ 1 Drum Sample Pack

✓ 1 Default Live Performance Ableton File


Bonus Videos:

 Ableton Session View explained (Ben's Project in detail)

✓ Ben Böhmer explains how he plays live

✓ Exclusive live performance by Ben


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