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Video: Write Chords like Lorde, Coldplay & Radiohead with the Mixolydian Mode

In the tutorial above, Tom sits down to show you how to use the mixolydian mode to come up with super cool Chord Progressions and Melodies. So many different artists use this mode, that has a lot of tension, but also the sweet relief of the major third.

Tutorial Table of Contents:

  • 00:50 Lorde example
  • 03:23 Mixolydian mode
  • 07:10 Starting to write a chord progression in Mixolydian
  • 15:33 Playing the chord progression
  • 15:43 Writing a short and simple melody

Feel free to check out our additional ressources for writing better melodies and chord progressions:

Struggling with the basics?

If you'd like to learn the basics of writing melodies and beautiful chord progressions, as well as advanced techniques and tricks, feel free to join our self-paced online courses:

Harmony & Chord Progressions - Course

  • A complete beginner friendly online course, learn how to write your own chord progressions
  • 40+ video tutorials in 5h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access

How To Write Melodies - Course

  • A complete beginner friendly online course, learn how to write your own awesome melodies
  • 35+ video tutorials in 4h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access

Additionally you can get inspired by using one of our MIDI packs with nice pre-designed chord progressions to take, change and add into your own productions.

Midi Files Pack 

Midi Files pack includes more than 130 pre-designed chord progressions for all types of moods and compositions and overall more than 240+ quality MIDI files.

Intro: Harmony & Chord Progressions Course

Keywords: Writing Chords like Lorde, Coldplay, The Verge in mixolydian mode.

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