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Tip of the Day: How to make your Drop hit Hard - 4 essential Tips!

Tip of the Day: How to make your Drop hit Hard - 4 essential Tips!

Unarguably, the drop (also known as chorus) is the most important part of the song.

It contains the main hook, probably the biggest instrumentation and and is usually mixed louder then the rest of the song.

That´s why it is so essential to let all previous parts build up to the main section of the song.

But sometimes we get caught up in sound design or lose focus while composing idea after idea, that the arrangement suffers and we wonder, why the drop just does not „hit hard enough“.

Most of the times it is not about making your drop harder, but to soften the parts leading up to it, because contrast is what makes a good track!

When you fire up everything and shoot your bombs before the listener even heard the drop, you can´t make them go „yeah“!

Tip 1: create contrast

Contrast is what it´s all about! You want to add or leave instruments or musical figures, to create dynamic over the period of time that is considered to be a song. By doing that, you devote yourself to the idea of keeping the track interesting for your listener.

Tip 2: no bass in build-up

By introducing the bass in the verse or intro, you make people crave for more. When you suddenly take away, what they already love, you create a feeling of „give it back, I need it“.

Now mute the bass line in the 4 or 8 bars prior to your drop, to let the feeling of satisfaction set in right there with the bass in the drop.

Tip 3: raise tension and release energy

All parts leading to the chorus are there to raise tension, which you want to release in the chorus. The level of tension goes down, while the level of energy needs to rise as high as possible.

Tip 4: repetition

Repeat the whole thing before the last chorus and take away even more! This time maybe add some new rhythmical figures in the last drop, to make it bounce more.



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