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Tip of the Day: Learn the Pop Form - 3 Tips

Tip of the Day: Learn the Pop Form - 3 Tips

No matter if you are a Techno DJ, an DnB Junkie or a Rock Musician, the Pop Form influences all your lives and even more so your compositions – because this arrangement structure is proven to work. So many hits are and were composed with it, that we can say it is probably the most successful song structure in the world – from the Beatles over Madonna to Zedd.

It´s important to know why the sequence of Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus with different repetitions catches everyones attantion.

Here are some tips on how to improve your arrangements:

Tip 1: analyse

Try to analyse as many songs as possible, to figure out, which parts raise which emotion. Grab the best or most successful songs of your favorite genre and examine all parts and their function. That way, you can find out, why and where your drop/chorus needs to be placed.

Tip 2: variety

Rules or structures are there to be broken, but before you define your own guidelines, try to find out, why the Pop Form works – for almost every genre.

Once you figured out the differences and most important distinctive features you can implement them in your songs and whitness more coherent songs in your portfolio.

Tip 3: history of success

Even if you don´t like Pop music, this structure has influenced your live without you noticing, because most songs we hear in public (not only radio) are catchy for a reason. Google your way through different forms of arrangements and try to adapt it to your latest track 1 on 1. If you don´t like it later, you can still press cmd+z.



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