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Top 100+ Free VST Instruments List [2024]

In this list you are going to find the best free instrument plugins available right now. The choice is very wide - all kinds of instruments and synthesizers are included. It is possible to create tracks entirely with these free instruments. We have listed as many alternatives as possible. In this way you have a big selection to choose from. Combine this with stock DAW plugins and expand your arsenal of instruments. There are some amazing gems in our list!


  • IK Syntronic Free
  • Minimoog, OBX, Jupiter-8, Prophet-5, Juno-60, CS-80, ARP 2600, Roland TB-303, PPG Wave, Moog Taurus, Alesis Andromeda, Oberheim SEM, ARP String Ensemble (Solina), Moog Polymoog, Yamaha SY99, Roland JX-10, JX-8P, JX-3P, Moog Prodigy

  • Classic Instruments by Dead Duck Software
  • The 'Classic' Instruments present four VST plugins from pioneering plugin developers mda: the DJX10 subtractive synthesizer, DDX10 FM synthesizer, DPiano-A 'acoustic' piano and DPiano-E 'electric' piano.

  • NI Komplete Start
  • Sampled Vintage Instruments: Analog Machines, Digital Machines, Drum Machines, Election Organ, Electronic Pianos, Electronic Toys, Roland F 100, Mellotron, Memory, Mini, Mini 700, Orchestrator, String Melody II, Yamaha YC 30

    Single synthesizers

  • Kawai K1 - Nils Kawai K1V
  • Roland Juno-60 - u-he Tyrell N6
  • Oberheim XD - OBXD
  • ARP String Ensemble (Solina) - Cheeze Machine 2
  • Roland JX-8P - ML PG8X
  • Roland TB-303 - Muon Tau Bassline
  • Minimoog - Steinberg Model E
  • Korg Poly800 - Fury-800
  • Casio CZ - Extent of the Jam Digits 2
  • Yamaha YMF262 - JuceOPLVSTi
  • Clavia Nord Lead 2 - Ichiro Toda Synth1
  • Yamaha DX7 - Dexed
  • Korg PS-3300 - Full Bucket FB-3300
  • Moog Voyager - Blamsoft VK-1
  • Realistic MG-1 - Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG1
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