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The 7 Best Free Kontakt Libraries 2024



In this list you'll find the best free kontakt libraries. You can find the links to the libraries below:

[Orchestra] The Free Orchestra from Project Sam

Includes a lot of highly professional, extremely good sounds for scoring, as well as for orchestral parts in various genres. Probably the most professional free orchestral library out there. A very useful freebie.

Download The Free Orchestra from Project Sam

[Orchestra] The Alpine Project

A collection of instruments made from public domain samples. Very useful strings, brass and woodwinds sections.

Download The Orchestra From The Alpine Project

[Piano] Amore Grand Piano from Precisionsound

Beautiful grand piano, probably my first choice.

Download Amore Grand Piano From Precisionsound


[Piano] Piano in 162 from Ivy Audio

An alternative piano option, very highly responsive and dynamic.

Download Piano In 162 from Ivy Audio

[Trombone, Solo Vocal, Drums] Carpenter Trombone, Clare Solo, Scott Drums

Very professional sounding freebies from Ivy Audio, especially the trombone, but the solo vocal is stunning too.

Download Ivy Audio Freebies


[Guitar] Pettinhouse Audio Guitars

Acoustic Guitar, Electic Guitar, Classical guitar, as well as some useful keyboard patches are great freebies as well. They include very realistic noises of frets - highly detailed sampling.

Download Pettinhouse Audio Guitars

[Various Instruments: World instruments, Pianos, Guitars, Orchestras, etc.] Bigcat Instruments List

Probably the biggest free resource out there. Hundreds of free-to-use sounds are available on the Bigcat Instruments site. It definitely includes some gems, like some of the world instruments.

Download Bigcat Instruments

[Various Instruments: Band, Choir, Orchestral, Synths, Urban Beats, Vintage, World] Kontakt Factory Selection

The most widely known, yet extremely usable library. It comes with the full version of Kontakt and can get you started with some very useful sampled instruments of all kinds.

Get Kontakt Factory Selection

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