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One to One Lessons - Ableton Live Beginners

 PML Online - Beginner Lessons

  • Info: This is an Ableton Live 9 beginner lesson. Preferably held via Skype. To make sure your desired topic can be covered in this lesson, please get in touch with your future teacher:
  • Teacher: Im Borys, I produce music under the name k-pizza. Ive made a couple tutorials for PML by now, and theyre similar to the way I teach through Skype. Make sure to check them out here before you take the lesson. The lessons are meant for beginners - I’m not a pro. However, I can describe the basics of starting out in Ableton, making drum patterns, basic music composition and arrangement, or mixing. After a couple lessons with me you should be able to make your own tracks by yourself. I teach in Ableton only. If youve got specific problems when starting out with your production make sure to note it down before the lesson. That way youll be able to use the time with me wisely. If youve got a project which really has an issue you would like to solve, send it to me before the lesson. Just contact me at
  • Requirements: To get a lesson from me all you should have is Skype installed, headphones (because echo from speakers can get very annoying) and a microphone of course. There is a possibility of me doing a lesson for you if you dont have a microphone, but of course its much faster and more convenient to talk through a mic. Its obvious, but you should have Ableton set up before buying a lesson. I simply wouldnt want to explain installing any programs, drivers or plugins. The lessons will be production-only related.
  • Schedule: Get in touch with your teacher at to book this lesson
  • Rate: 30 € per hour


  Video: Boris in action



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