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    Ableton Live  –  Skype Sessions with k-pizza


I'm Boris. I'm a music producer under the name k-pizza and I give Ableton lessons through Skype. Whether you're a beginner or you'd like to advance your music production it's a perfect opportunity to learn something new. If you like my tutorials you'll enjoy hanging out with me on Skype!

To book a lesson or find out more get in touch with me at pml.teaching@gmail.com


If you're a beginner:

I'll be happy to show you the basics of Ableton. With my help after a few lessons you'll be able to create simple tracks yourself, no matter the style. 

If you're an intermediate producer:

I'll gladly share with you my music production knowledge including mixing, sound design and composition.

As I started with producing house music and later progressed to making future bass and trap, I can replicate a lot of sounds. If you're aiming to produce in a genre other than these send me music in that style - there's still a pretty good chance I'll be able to help you.


Make sure to check out my tutorials. They're very similar to the way I teach through Skype!


How much are the lessons?

The lessons are always 30€ per hour. You pay me before the lesson with PayPal.

What does a lesson with you look like?

Most of the time I share my screen & sound with you. You'll be able to see what I'm doing in Ableton and hear its audio. If you're a beginner it's sometimes better if you share your screen with me and follow my instructions. 

Can you work on my Ableton project?

Absolutely! Just remember that I might not have all plugins you used in it - in that case I can download some of them or you can make an "Ableton only" version of your project.

How do I send you my Ableton project?

First you need to open it up and go to File>Collect All and Save so that I get all your samples with it. Then it's best to put your project folder (not just the .als file) inside an archive, like a .zip file, and send it through email. On a Mac is as easy as right clicking on it and selecting Compress. 

What do I need to have for the lesson?

All you need to have is a computer, headphones and a mic. You obviously need to have Skype and Ableton set up before the lesson.

Still wondering if these lessons are for you? Tell me what you'd like to learn and I'll let you know if I can help you.

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