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Classic Kavinsky "Nightcall" Vocoder Sound from Drive Soundtrack | Ableton Live Tutorial


In this Ableton Tips video tutorial our instructor Max shows you how to make the vocoder from Kavinsky’s “Nightcall”. You can download today's full project template in the video description. The first thing we need to do is record our speech. We’ll add Wavetable or another synthesizer with a saw wave. Max uses the native ableton effect Vocoder on the vocal track in External mode, as well as Erosion and Cabinet and Pedal. Let’s get started with making retro futuristic sounds from the 80’s like Kavinsky - Nightcall!

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Learn To Produce
Synthwave Tracks

Good Intentions - Synthwave Ableton Template

Take your music to the next level today!
Professional Synthwave Ableton project file.

  • Ableton project file with original vocals. In the style of Daft Punk, Muse, Justice and synth heavy 80s Italo Dance.
  • Pick up tricks and skills, save valuable time. Apply the same techniques to your own productions right away.
  • Amazingly detailed automation techniques and fx will keep your arrangement flowing and interesting for long term listening pleasure.
  • Ableton Live 10 Standard + SERUM. We are only using these two pieces of software.

Click here to learn about the Synthwave Project File.

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