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Albeton Tips

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Learn the complete production process with these free Ableton tutorials.

Cut Years off your Learning Curve

PML has one of the biggest selections of “Start to Finish” and “Beginner” Courses available on the market. If you want to start out or improve your skills, then PML is your One Stop Solution.


Take your skills to the level with lifetime access to these premium courses!

Start to Finish Courses

Learn the complete production process starting from a blank Ableton project file all the way to a fully mastered productions ready for release!

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Elevate Your Skills

Our Sounds & Courses help you learn what you need to produce high quality music

Artist Collaborations

We work with professional artists to create Masterclasses and sound packs. Get the tools and the knowledge from today's best artists.

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What Students Say About Us

"Dear Francois & Tom, I ve been a member of your courses for a bit over a year now and really really enjoying it. I ve enrolled to a couple of course, and your methodology is clear, instructive, and creative and really helps me to get on with my production. I ve surfed the Internet over and over and nothing comes close to your courses, so thumbs up, and keep up the good work!"
- Claude

"I would just like to say that i have purchased the Beginners Course: Making A Track from Start To Finish in Ableton Live, and i have say that this is the best course i have ever seen. Thank you so much for this PML. if i can't make music after watching your courses, i don't think i ever will...."
- Jay

"Hey! I just finished the high tech minimal STF course and it was the best decision of my life! Thank You for make that happening!"
- Rishi K

"Really enjoying the courses, Francois is a pretty awesome teacher. There’s no one on the internet bringing all these topics together like PML ;) Thanks"
- Shaun

"I’m trying to find the time to get through it. Have it scheduled for this long weekend. Your courses and tutorials are the best I’ve seen and I’ve been taking classes here and there for more time than I care to admit"
- Reginald

"Perfect!! I am so thankful to you! Because i was so frustrated after taking udemy’s *** *** techno class. Frustrated because every track he used a non ableton plug in. I bought kick2. I bought transient master. It didnt end. The coarse sucked. The song stunk. He kept selling vst. Thanks for just using ableton!!! ***** is doing a course on sonic *****. Im not taking it cause i would have to spend hundreds of dollars to follow along. Love your work!!!!"
- Legion

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