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Tip of the Day: Use Reference Tracks

Tip of the Day: Use Reference Tracks

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Referencing is important and can´t be highlighted enough, because you can only sound as good as you want, when you know why other tracks sound the way they do.

Tip 1: be picky

Do not choose the first song that pops in your head though. Give it some thought, because you want that track to be very close to what you want to achieve.

Tip 2: adjust the levels

We tend to perceive louder tracks as better. What you want to do to prevent yourself from never reaching your goal, is to decrease the volume of the reference track to the same level of the current state of your mix.

Tip 3: sound and arrangement

Do not only focus on sound, when you reference your song. It is of the same importance to also check on arrangements that simply work. Try to get some orientation, without copying.



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