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Tip of the Day: Focus on Note Length - 2 easy Tips

While every DAW´s editor has a default note length (mostly a 4th), it does not mean, that it has to stay that way!

When you are a producer, that does a lot in the editor, this tip can lead you to more organic sounding melodies and leads, because it is more rhythmical and less predictable.

Imagine Ed Sheeran mumbling some sounds over a chord progression - he introduces all kinds of note lengths, while he improvises.

Tip 1: improvise

Try to sing, whistle, clap or dance a rhythm, that differs from 4/4. Mumble, stutter or sing a melody in that rhythm and try to translate it to your editor. You might want to record it first, so you don´t forget.

Tip 2: randomize

Although randomizing can be identified as such in most cases, here it can come in handy. Just drag some notes around as you like. Maybe they start overlapping and create a cool gliding sound. Maybe you find inspiration for a “real” melody or maybe you hit the jackpot and get something nice out of it.


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