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8 Essential Todo's Before Sending Your Track To Mastering

Ableton Mastering Mixing

The guys of mentioned some helpful tips on how to prepare your tracks for mastering in a youtube video. We are quickly summing them up: Here are 8 essential tips: 1. Make sure that there are no effects on your master channel when you bounce (export) In case you have essential effects on your master, send 2 versions: fx mix, giving your engineer an idea of the effect no fx mix, giving him the opportunity to apply his effects however: don't leave any limiter in place 2. Make sure the level of your track peaks somewhere between -6 and -3dB  3. If the...

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Finding similar files or duplicates


This might be particularly helpful when cleaning up your old music projects. Recently i had to deal with the problem of eliminating duplicate files within a fairly large set of mainly ms office files (under windows).    For me, a program called "alldup" perfectly did the job     Other solutions i tried: winmerge: should be great for comparing code files, as it offers an in-file comparism doublekiller: basicly does the same job like alldup, but offers less options dupeguru: they offer a music edition. should be very interesting for people who want to tidy up their mp3s

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