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Your First Drum Beat in Ableton Live 11 | Beginners Tutorial


In this Ableton Tips video tutorial our instructor Julian from Bound to Divide is showing you how to make your very first drum beat in ableton live 11. He goes through all the essential steps - choosing the right layout in Ableton’s interface, loading drum samples like kick and clap, creating drum patterns in the Drum Rack, all the way up to adding tom sounds, cymbals and snare fills.

“I hope you’ll learn a thing or two and so that you’re able to make your own nice drum beats. Let’s get started!” - Julien

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Make Your Drums
Sound Professional

Course: Groove and Rhythm

Take your music to the next level today!
Learn the techniques professional producers use to program drums.

About this Course:

This course is entirely dedicated to building professional sounding drum loops for modern electronic music! Do you want your drums to sound club ready and "less amateur"?

Learn how to build interesting beats with varying velocity patterns, adding swing and bounce with groove presets and how to tweak and adjust every sample with ADSR.

You'll be provided with all the basics about groove. Then, we'll jump into easy to follow practical sessions, where we create multiple beats, loops and patterns from scratch!

What You Get:

  • Complete online-course with theoretical basics & full on practical sessions
  • Many starting points for your very own Techno, Melodic Techno, House and Tech-House grooves
  • Full 3h+ Groove Course
  • 6 full drum groove kits and 100+ Drum Samples to follow along

Click here to learn about the Groove Course.

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