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Writing Session - 6 Chord Progressions in Ableton Live's Piano Roll

Get inspired - writing chords

In this YouTube video, we are writing a few chord progressions for tracks that could work out for the Anjunadeep label. This is Melodic House Writing Session (#6) with Francois.


>>> Anjunadeep Style: Course: Melodic House Track from Start To Finish in Ableton


Timecodes for the video:

  • 00:30 Start 1st Progression
  • 04:40 Result 1st Progression
  • 05:00 Start 2nd Chord Progression - flipping
  • 06:07 Result 2nd Chord Progression 
  • 06:50 3rd one: Hirajoshi Scale (and thoughts on melodies)
  • 09:40 Result 3rd one
  • 10:10 Start 4th one
  • 15:06 Result 4th one
  • 15:31 Start 5th one
  • 20:11 Result 5th one
  • 25:00 Start 6th one flipped
  • 25:57 Result 6th one
  • 28:27 Our new "Melodic House" Course


Get the Ableton Project files from this video:


Learn more about our Courses:


Keywords: How to Melodies and Chords in the style of Ben Böhmer from Anjunadeep

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