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Top 7 Vocal AI for Music Producers

Have you ever imagined being able to turn text into generated vocals? With today's AI tools, that's a possibility. In this article we'll take a look at the top 7 AI solutions for creating vocal tracks. Let's get started!


1. Synthesizer V - Solaria, Asterian, Saros

Synthesizer V delivers a vocalist inside a VST plugin. The voices are incredibly realistic to the point where it’s very hard to notice they are not actual human recordings. Not only does the plugin flawlessly sing the desired notes, it also perfectly sings lyrics with the desired vibrato and glide notes! Although the plugin used to feature only Japanese and Chinese voices, now it features a female vocalist Solaria and a bass vocalist Asterian. As for July 2023 we also have a beta version of a tenor male vocalist Saros.\

Check out Synthesizer V here

2. Vocaloid 6 by Yamaha

Although this AI-powered voice synthesizer doesn’t sound as flawless as Synth V, it’s definitely a viable alternative from Yamaha. It features a wide range of vocalists to choose from and a “Vocalo Changer” option to automatically transform vocal recordings into one of the synthesizer voices.

Check out Vocaloid 6 here


3. Elf Tech

Elf Tech offers musicians an artificial intelligence-generated rendition of Grimes' voice. You can record and upload vocals, which are then transformed into the GrimesAI voiceprint. It also allows you to commercially release the AI-enhanced creations and receive 50% of the master-recording royalties. 

Check out Elf Tech


4. Musicfy

Musicfy is an online app dedicated to vocal recordings. It introduces AI Voice Artists, providing access to a collection of copyright-free vocals. You can create your own AI models by uploading recordings of your own voice.

Check out Musicfy


5. Voicify

Voicify AI is a platform for creating AI covers in seconds. It allows you to explore a wide set of voices from public figures, various trending characters, and artists such as Kanye West, Drake, Taylor Swift and many more. After choosing the model you’d like to use, just drag and drop your song – Voicify’s AI model will even extract the acapella if needed!

Check out Voicify

6. FakeYou

FakeYou is a set of AI tools, including Text to Speech, Voice to Voice, Voice Designer, Face Animator, and Text to Image, powered by deepfake technology. You can generate audio or videos with your favorite characters, create your own AI voices through Voice Designer, as well as animate faces.

Check out FakeYou


7. Elevenlabs

ElevenLabs offers advanced speech synthesis, utilizing deep learning for natural and expressive voice generation. The Voice Cloning tool enables users to upload custom voice samples, creating unique and personalized vocal styles. The platform's Voice Library provides pre-designed voice profiles. What makes ElevenLabs unique is the fact that it analyzes contextual aspects of text, allowing dynamic adjustments to intonation and pacing based on language context.

Check out Elevenlabs

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