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Top 5 FREE Piano Plugins

Are you looking to "color" your track with some cool and totally free piano plugins? Look no further, we've listed 5 top FREE VST piano plugins. 

1. Iowa Grand Piano

Made by the craziest free instrument maker - Bigcat Instruments, Iowa Grand Piano delivers a beautiful and sophisticated sound. Very simple to use plugin with useful decay and release knobs.

Download: Mac / Win

If you're looking for more realistic instruments, see this Kontakt Instruments list - there's more pianos, but also a lot of other instruments :)

2. 4Front Piano

Although this plugin has no effects, I still find the sound quite nice. It's very lightweight - won't overload your CPU.

Download: Mac / Win

Feel free to check out more of our free downloads (samples, project files, midis, presets).

3. Keyzone Classic Piano

This plugin actually is not just a Rhodes piano. It's also got grand piano and 80's E-Piano patches, so I really recommend it.

Download: Mac / Win

4. 4Front R-Piano

Reproduces classic sounds close to RSP73 pianos. Not completely sample-based. 127 continuous layers provided with a vintage Rhodes smooth overdrive.

Download: Mac / Win

5. Versilian Upright Piano

This upright piano is probably my favourite plugin of all in this list. The sound is its biggest attribute, but the controls are there too!

Download: Mac / Win

I need to show you guys another one, let's treat it as a bonus piano in this list :)

6. Skerratt London Piano

This interesting sounding upright piano was made by Bigcat Instruments. It's a nice alternative to Versilian, if you're into more chorus-like piano sound.

Download: Mac / Win

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Author: k-pizza

I’m a music maker who likes to share his experiences with other producers. I regularly  show up with tutorials, articles & project files at PML.

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