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Top 3 Basslines for Melodic House | Ableton Tutorial


In this Ableton Tips video tutorial our instructor Julian from “Bound to Divide” is making 3 common types of bass lines you would hear in Melodic House. The first one is going to be this plucky, groovy bass line similar to the one that you'll hear in “Lost in You” by Marsh. The second one is this sustained perfect fifth bassline that you'd hear in “Ruby” by Enamour - especially in the final section of the track. The last one's the rolling kind of bass line that you'd hear in Tinlicker’s “Children” remix - it's also in a ton of other tracks.

Julian uses Ableton’s native Wavetable synthesizer as well as Analog. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to layer synthesizer basslines the right way. They’re simple but sound really effective. A lot of what the sound does has to do with automating certain parameters. So let’s get started with this tutorial on how to make basslines in Ableton Live.

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