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The 20 Best Tutorials for Melodic House in 2024

In this list you will find the top 20 of melodic house tutorials available.

Before we get started, make sure you check out our Melodic House Academy. It's a complete roadmap from an empty Ableton project to the do’s and don’ts of applying to Melodic House labels like Anjunadeep or Sekora.

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FROM SCRATCH: Melodic House in 30 Minutes | Ableton Tutorial | Pølaroit

Pølaroit went against the clock and produced a Melodic House Track in 30 minutes.


Chords for Melodic House | RÜFÜS DU SOL Style

This video is part of the Harmony Section of our brand new PML Melodic House Academy. Learn how to get signed!


MELODIC House From Scratch in 30 Minutes | Ableton Tutorial | Yannek Maunz

Yannek builds a track with the PML Everything Bundle in 30 minutes.


Track from Scratch with Moog Sub 37 | Ableton Tutorial | Melodic House

Creating a track with Sub37 w Yannek & PML Soundbank.


MELODIC HOUSE in Ableton [+ External Synths, Moog Mother-32, Korg Minilogue XD]

Certified Ableton Trainer "MrEdRollo" from Sydney walks you through his production process using Ableton Live and a few external synths and controllers.


Diva Tutorial: Organic MELODIC House LFO-Lead | Sound Design | Colyn, Afterlife, All Day I Dream

Learn how to build a Dynamic Lead Sound in Diva.


Ableton Live 11 Scales: Uplifting Melodic House with Lydian Mode

Using the Ableton Live 11 Scale feature to set the vibe for an Uplifting Organic House track.


Melodic House Track | Anjunadeep, Tinlicker Style | Ableton Template "Encore"

Playing: Ableton Project file Melodic House - Tinlicker / Anjunadeep Style (using stock fx & Serum)


How To Melodic House - 7 Elements of Anjunadeep (Yotto, Lane 8)

Guest Session with Bound To Divide making an Anjunadeep Style track in Ableton


Melodic House - Anjunadeep / Ben Böhmer Series P2 (Ableton Tutorial Walkthrough)

We are looking into another track "Cloud 94" / Ableton Project file (using only stock fx and Serum)


3 Tom Grooves for Melodic House and Techno | Ableton Tutorial

In this video, our instructor Julian from Bound to Divide shows you 3 types of melodic house tom grooves with techniques of constructing each of these. We are just going to use Ableton Live stock effects - and samples from our Deep Premium Volume 6 Drums. Let's get started!


Track from Start to Finish | Part 1: Drums | Ableton & Diva | Melodic House

In this tutorial our instructor LAR starts making a track from scratch by writing all the drums. We're starting off from a simple Diva drone and adding a perc loop. Then, we are making a custom cymbal & top percussion pattern in the Drum Rack. We're also going to add groovy toms, some claps and shakers. Let's get started!



Lush, Nostalgic Melodic House Chord Progression from Scratch in Ableton Live

In this video tutorial, our instructor Boris demonstrates how to make a lush and nostalgic sounding chord progression for melodic house. We're starting from choosing the scale and writing basic triads. Then we'll add inversions and note clusters. At the end we're going to add some top notes and we'll play the progression in context of the full track. Let's get started!



Uplifting Melodic House Chord Progression from Scratch in Ableton Live

In this video tutorial, our instructor Boris takes a look at an uplifting, happier sounding house chord progression and makes it from scratch. We start out from writing basic chord shapes. To avoid a corny sound, we proceed onto adding bass notes and inversions. We're adding a synthesizer, and then playing the progression in context of a fully produced track. Let's get started!


How to Layer Claps like a Pro in Ableton | Melodic House Tutorial

In this tutorial our instructor Boris takes a look at different clap layering techniques from the project "Together Again" by Solanca. We go from discussing clap types, through stacking them in the rack, all the way to processing them with effects and mixing them together. Let's get started!



Making Unique Shaker Patterns | Melodic House Ableton Tutorial

In this tutorial our instructor Boris takes a look at layering techniques of shaker patterns from the track "Together Again" by Solanca. He goes from loading the loops all the way through processing, chopping and widening the signal. Then Boris shows the same exact techniques done in the drum rack. Let's get started!


Making Toms Tonal with Spectral Resonator | Melodic House Ableton Tutorial

In this tutorial our instructor Boris shows you how to use the Spectral Resonator Audio Effect to spice up any sample by adding harmonic content on top of it. We're going to process a tom sample to add a harmonic layer. Boris goes through all the necessary parameters - from pitch to settings such as Stretch and Shift. Let's get started!


Melodic House Track like Ben Böhmer, Lane 8 | Ableton Live Tutorial

In this tutorial our instructor Julian shows you his melodic house track in the style of Ben Bohmer, Lane 8. We start from explanations of the groups -  the filtering and sidechain. Then Julian goes through all the elements - the melody and drone, the bassline and arp, and the pad & background lead. At the end we go through all the drum elements. Let's get started!


Top 3 Basslines for Melodic House | Ableton Tutorial

In this video our instructor Julian from Bound to Divide takes a look at the following basslines: Marsh - Lost In You, Enamour - Ruby, Tinlicker X Robert Miles - Children. Let's get started!


Ableton Live 11 - How To Melodic House [Beginners Tutorial Ben Böhmer]

In this video our instructor Julian from Bound to Divide shows you how to make melodic house like Anjunadeep, Ben Böhmer, Yotto, Lane 8.


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Complete Melodic House Start to Finish Academy

Complete Melodic House Start to Finish Academy

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