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Producer Notes: In the Style of Space 92 "Gravity" - Techno, Ableton & Serum

Session 4 of the new YouTube Series with Francois PML called "Producer Notes". Episode 004 analyses and breaks down the style of producer / DJ Space 92. Specifically looking at the massive techno main stage sound.

The key lessons from this episode are:

  • A Rumble rack allows you to "color" & shape your rumble and fit it perfectly into your track
  • Use randomized MIDI velocity on drum elements such as snare rolls
  • Use dynamic EQing to make room for competing main / bass stab elements
  • Add groove loops and atmo to fill out the Frequency Spectrum
  • Creative Mixing techniques can be achieved with stock Ableton envelope followers
  • Use sidechained & parallel-processed effect chains to clean up the mix
  • for example, check out the clean parallel tail-reverb frequency filler at around 32:30


Referenced in this video:

🗳 Ableton Project File from this video (Part of Techno Kit)
📦 Everything Bundle
🎹 Music Theory for Melodic Techno & House
👨‍🎓 Artist Sample Pack by Weska Vol. 2 (Drumcode)


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