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Producer Notes: ARGY, Goom Gum "Pantheon" Style | Melodic Techno Main Stage, Afterlife


Session 5 of the new YouTube Series with Francois PML called "Producer Notes". Episode 005 analyses and breaks down the style of greek DJ/Producer Argy. Specifically looking at the massive Melodic Techno Afterlife main stage festival sound of his track "Pantheon".

The key lessons from this episode are:

  • Epic track with one chord. Choir, like in a church mode, ads in the epic, almost sanctuary feeling
  • Precise, purposeful synth layers. Ask: Why is this layer needed, what element does it add and is it clashing with something else?
  • LFO device offers perfect control over group (play with Rate (set to hz), Depth, Offset and map to filter frequency)
  • “Epic Choir” plugin by Spitfire for adding a quick choir feeling to your track
  • Kick Bass - BUS with “fake” mid rumble. Technique to make it sound bigger by Glueing together and adding a small reverb tail to it
  • Rack: PML Vocal Repeat - using beat repeat for vocal stutters and automations (can be found in FREE section on this website)


Referenced in this video:

🗳 Ableton Project File from this video (Part of Melodic Techno Pack)
📦 Everything Bundle
🎹 Music Theory for Melodic Techno & House
👨‍🎓 Artist Sample Pack by Weska Vol. 2 (Drumcode)


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