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Official Cooperation with Innervisions and Jimi Jules

Jimi Jules in the Studio

Hi! Great news - today we'll give you some exciting insights in our upcoming cooperation with Jimi Jules (Innervisions). 

Jimi crafted a Production Suite, which contains:

1. Jimi Jules Production Session “Out of the Box” 

2. Jimi Jules Artist Sound Pack 

Production Session "Out of the Box"

To provide all viewers of this class the absolute best insights with fast access to Jimi‘s creativity, we edited an almost 9h song writing and production session into a 2 hour lesson, so everybody can tap into Jimi Jules‘ workflow and get inspired right away! 

Will you learn another exact EQ setting that creators claim to work “every time”? No, because Jimi does not believe in a “one fits all” corset and concept. 

So what will you learn? Have you ever felt your track sounds too “chaotic” or too full of different ideas and you don’t know which sounds or elements to give more (or maybe less) room in your track? 

Jimi will show you how to listen to your recorded ideas, how to make them work over the length of a complete song and how to decide which ideas work and which don’t. 

Because out of the box sounds & songs need out of the box thinking! 

Artist Sound Pack 

On top of the masterclass Jimi has opened his personal sample pool and recorded many samples & loops completely from scratch for the first ever cooperation of Innervisions & PML. 

Jimi Jules and Juno 60

The pack will contain 190+ creative loops (drums, synths, bass and some creative weirdness) and more than 170 one shots (kicks, snares, percussions and more) so you can get closer to that unique Jimi Jules sound.


Shift Your Perspective
on Music Production

Masterclass: Jimi Jules

“With me you’ll learn to listen to your ideas rather than specific EQ settings” - Jimi Jules

About this Masterclass:

We proudly present the first cooperation with Innervisions and Jimi Jules. Jimi is a rising star in the electronic music scene and with his unconventional workflow, he sparks pure inspiration by the first minute.

We captured his whole production process in his Studio in Milan to provide in depth insights in his cutting edge and innovative approach to making music.

Shift your perspective on music production with 2+ hours of studio session covering:

  • Carving ideas out of anything
  • Creative use of outboard gear
  • Recording techniques
  • Jimi’s concept of groove
  • Sound and Sample Selection
  • Arrangement Tricks: From Idea to full Track

Click here to learn more about the Jimi Jules Masterclass

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