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Mastering in Ableton Live 11 Tutorial

In this Ableton Tips video tutorial our instructor and professional mixing and mastering engineer Guido from Catandbeats shows you his mastering process using only the effects available in Ableton Live 11. The track is called Stellenbosch - it'll be down in the video description.

“This video is going to be set up a little bit different than my usual videos. We are going to first do the mastering and then after I'm going to explain why I did certain things to just help you guys out. I also only have 20 minutes so let's get started right away!”

If you want to take a deeper dive into music production in Ableton Live, check out our PML Academy - with over 35 full-length online courses, spreading over topics like writing chords and melodies or arranging your songs, to producing entire songs from start to finish.
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Mix and Master
Like a Pro

Mixing and Mastering Bundle

Take your music to the next level today!

The Mixing and Mastering bundle gives you access to 4 courses:
- starting from an "Ableton Live Only" mixing session with Francois,
- all the way up to a Masterclass with a mixing and mastering engineer Guido Werner, who uses the best plugins possible to master a Melodic Techno track.

What You Will Learn:

1. Mixing and Mastering your own tracks

2. Making your songs sound more powerful and loud

3. Giving your tracks a signature sound with balance and finesse

4. Using the most important and most effective tools like compressors, EQs, multi-bands and limiters.

What You Get:

  • Masterclass - Mixing & Mastering Melodic Techno
  • How to Mix a Track with the Best Plugins Available
  • Mixing A Track From Start To Finish
  • Mastering From Start To Finish

Click here to learn about the Mixing and Mastering Bundle.

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