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In the Style of Anjunadeep / Ben Böhmer - Writing Session

In this video, we are making a track in the Style of Ben Böhmer - Vale (Anjunadeep) using only Ableton Live 10 stock effects and instruments. This is Melodic House Writing Session (#5) with Francois.

We are re-writing the track in E-Minor and having a walk through the elements of the track as well as some general thoughts on Arrangement, Groove and Harmonies.

Timecodes for the video:

  • 00:00 Example
  • 00:34 Intro
  • 02:00 Chords & Bass
  • 08:00 Arpeggios / Plucks
  • 12:00 Free Library by Taqsim
  • 14:00 SAW Chords
  • 15:45 Percussion Loop
  • 19:15 Hihats
  • 20:15 Duduk (free instrument by taqsim)
  • 20:30 Longer PlayBack
  • 23:55 Thoughts on the Duduk
  • 28:00 Break-Part
  • 28:50 Arrangement
  • 35:05 Final Playback


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Keywords: How to Ben Böhmer, Melodies and Chords in the style of Ben Böhmer from Anjunadeep / Ton Töpferei 

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