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Tip of the Day: Use send effects - 3 basic tips!

Tip of the Day: Use send effects - 3 basic tips!

How often do you find yourself using numerous instances of VST plugin to achieve basically the same effect?

It does not only pollute your CPU or clutter your tracks, but it might also have a negative effect on your sound! Using different delay or reverb plugins for creative reasons does definitely make sense - if you know exactly what you do.

If you just load a new plugin to every track in your arrangement, you might end up with different room sizes, that don´t match or fit and just sound weird.

Using send effects helps you to spare on CPU, keeps yours project clean and gives you a more defined sound.

Tip 1: define your sound

You are the master of your DAW! You can customize almost anything. You need a granulizer in every track? Make it your custom send effect preset for all compositions you start.

Tip 2: invest

Spend some time on defining and tweaking your send effects. Don´t be satisfied with the “init patches” and create your own sound. Remember: the effect is used on multiple tracks, so invest some time and make it shine.

Tip 3: parallel compression

Use send effects to parallel compress a drum track for example. Leave one track untouched and treat the duplicate with an overload of compression. By finding the right level of mixing them together, you get the best out of both worlds - dynamics and tight sound!



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