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How to Make an Arp Lead in Serum (Melodic House, Anjunadeep)


What's up guys! This is Furcloud for The Sound Design Channel and in today's video we are going to be making a simple melodic house arpeggio pluck. We're going to be making it completely from scratch using Xfer Serum, so let's get right to it! 

xfer serum

This is how the pluck sounds:



For those who are interested, this is what the midi looks like:


To make it an arpeggio i have a Logic arpeggiator plugin - it's a stock plugin, and I have it at 1/16 rate

Okay, so now let's recreate the sound!

For this sound, as you can see, we only have one oscillator and it's the Oscillator A - so let's go to Analog wavetables and let's select the Analog BD Sine Wave shape.

Now let's go turn on the “Bend +/-” from the Warp control below the waveform - and let's turn the warp to about 30 percent:


xfer serum

Now let's go to the Envelope 1 and let's turn the decay to about 270, let's turn the sustain of the sound to about 30, and let's turn the release to about 500.

xfer serum

Now let's attach this Envelope 1 to our “Bend +/-”.



Let's go to the voicing and turn on Mono - now our mix is much cleaner because this is a pluck and we're not going to be using the sound for a chord progression.

xfer serum

Let's go to the effects section and let's turn on the EQ - Let's have a slight highpass and put the EQ before all other effects:

xfer serum

We have a much cleaner sound. Let's turn on the Chorus and Reverb. In the chorus let's turn the mix to about 20 and let's turn the mix of the reverb to about 40 percent.

We can adjust our envelope to make it sound more interesting and we can even automate it later.



All right guys - that's how you make a simple melodic house arpeggio/pluck using here: it's called Melodic House Presets form Serum - and as always, thank you so much for reading and see you soon!

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