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Sound Design in Ableton Wavetable: "Consciousness" Lead like Anyma (Melodic Techno)


Hi! My name is Francois, and today we're looking at the lead sound of “Consciousness” with Wavetable - everything Ableton “in the box”. The lead sound consists out of two instances of Wavetable. We have this MIDI information being played:

midi notes

These are two layered sounds together:


We are sending those into a bunch of send reverbs and an overdrive.

Let's quickly look at how the sound is set up:

We’re using Wavetable with a saw wave and a bit of release - 600 ms - and two voices in the Random Note Unison mode.

wavetable ableton

Then we’re adding a second saw wave two octaves below:

wavetable ableton

We need a filter with Envelope 2 applied to the Frequency:

wavetable ableton

Another nice feature we can add is adding some LFO modulation to the filter frequency.

wavetable ableton

We are applying plenty of effects on top of the sound:

- EQ low-end clean up

- OTT 21% Dry/Wet

- EQ - removing resonances

- Sidechain compression

- “Overdrive” Return Channel (Slap Delay, Saturation, Erosion, Reverb, EQ Eight, Sidechain)

- “Hall Reverb” Return Channel (EQ Low-end clean up, Reverb (Large Shimmer Plate), Compression, Sidechain)

The second layer is similar - it plays exactly the same MIDI. We’re adding more harmonics with a Saw Harmonics wavetable (“Modern” modulation style with 40% Warp). We’re opening up the filter here a bit more to let through our bright new harmonics.

wavetable ableton

Effects applied to layer 2:

- Saturation

- Echo

- Reverb

- EQ Clean-up

Here are our two layers layered:

midi ableton

A lot of options here - quite a complex sound! 

Make sure to see our Wavetable preset pack with more sounds like this!

I hope to see you next time.

- Boris

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