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How to make a Major Lazer - Cold Water style beat with Ableton and Serum

In this tutorial, our man k-pizza shows some techniques helping you produce tracks like Cold Water only using Serum and Ableton Live 9 Standard:

What we used:

  • Ableton Live 9 Standard

  • Xfer Serum VST


1. Processing recorded guitar and chords analysis

2. Resampling instruments to create sweeps

3. Creating vocal leads from vocal samples

4. Creating more instruments such as bleeps, pads and sub basses

5. Major Lazer style drums production analysis

6. Layering samples and synths to create original sounding drums

7. Panning toms and percussion

8. Making of the fabulous Cold Water lead sound


More Info:

- Grab this Ableton Live & Serum project file

- 4h+ Beginners course: Producing a TRACK from START TO FINISH

Harmony and Chord Progressions Course

- Serum Presets: Future Chill


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