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How to Install Presets for u-he Diva VST Synthesizer - Guide


In this article you'll find how to easily import new preset packs into the Diva synthesizer. Let's get started!

Before installing the Diva Preset Pack, make sure to download and un-zip it.
Remember the location of the downloaded folder. It’s most likely going to be in your “Downloads” folder. Now you want to open your DAW (for example Ableton) and follow the steps below:

1. Open Diva
2. Click on “Presets”


3. Right click on "User" and select “Open in Finder”


4. Drag and drop the new “Presets Folder” you just downloaded (in this case “Diva Presets”) into the “Diva User Folder”


5. Open a new instance of Diva
6. Head to the “Presets” Section again
7. “Right click” on “User” and select “Refresh”


8. The new “Presets Folder” (in this case “Diva Presets”) will appear. Select it and you will see all the single presets in the middle section of the screen.


9. Select a preset and you’re ready to go!


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