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Episode 1: Ben Böhmer. Track Breakdowns & Walkthroughs. New YouTube Series with Francois PML called "Producer Notes" 001


We're happy to introduce a new YouTube Series with Francois PML called "Producer Notes". Episode 001 analyses and breaks down the style of artists like Ben Böhmer, KLUR, Solanca and labels like Anjunadeep, Colorize and This Never Happened.

The key lessons from this episode are:

  • Play with ADSR shapes & Filters to keep Melody sound interesting
  • Add Octave jumps to emphasise on climax
  • Use autofilters as LFOs to make pads more fluffy
  • Don’t soak it all up in reverb, keep some sounds dry in this genre
  • Use smooth sounds for your fills and “snare rolls” to fit the genre
  • Every Harmonic Element should serve a purpose (“protagonist”, “supporting act”)


Referenced in this video:

🗳 Ableton Project File from this video
🎓 Melodic House Start To Finish Academy
📦 Everything Bundle
🥁 Deep Premium Vol. 6 Drum Sample Pack 
🎹 Music Theory for Melodic Techno & House
👨‍🎓 Ben Böhmer Masterclass


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