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DRUMCODE Style Techno Track - Walkthrough with Johannes Menzel (From Kick Processing to Mastering)


In this video Johannes presents his techniques of creating peak-time techno tracks in Ableton Live, using our sample pack - “WESKA (Drumcode) - Peak Time Samples”. He goes through topics such as processing the “low end loop”, adding percussions, creating synthesizers and pads, as well as mixing and mastering. 

“Hey guys! Welcome to Production Music Live. My name is Johannes Menzel and I'm a techno producer from Germany. In today's video I want to walk with you a little bit through my latest track. I've made the track yesterday so it's super fresh. It’s produced with PML’s latest sample pack - made by an artist called WESKA. He’s a Drumcode artist and has some really nice releases. In today's video I want to show you what you can make out of the samples - and also share some tips and tricks I use and I've learned recently. Let's jump directly into the project!” - Johannes

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Make Peak Time
Techno Tracks

Peak Time Techno Vol. 2 - Samples by WESKA

Take your music to the next level today!
Ready to use Kicks meet Dark Ambiences and cutting Top Loops.

260+ Ready-to-Use Samples for Techno

After the huge success of Weska’s (Drumcode) first Sample Pack, it’s time to release Peak Time Techno Vol.2.

The Drumcode artist has once again truly outdone himself and the results will make any crowd go wild. 260+ ready-to-use Drum-Shots & Loops, Melodic-Loops, Vocals and 35 Midis to make your production stand out.

What You Are Getting:

  • 260+ ready-to-use Drum-Shots & Loops, Melodic-Loops, Vocals
  • 35 Midi files including basslines, leads, pads and more
  • 100% royalty-free
  • You can use this Pack with every DAW, no special software required

Click here to learn about the Peak Time Techno Pack.

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