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Ben Böhmer: How To Play Live with Ableton | Setup Explained Masterclass

In this video, Ben Böhmer shows how he plays live (like for Cercle in a Balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey). He explains his live setup (with hardware and software) based in Ableton Live’s session view. Ben goes over all the necessary elements you’re going to need to create your own live set. If you’re a music producer, check out this tutorial on how to play live in Ableton. At the end of the video, Ben performs a few tracks in a unique live set. Make sure to check it out!

“Hi! My name is Ben Böhmer and I'm going to show you how I play live. But first - what is playing live? It's a method to rearrange and recreate my own music. I'm using a digital and analog setup to affect all these little elements of my tracks. This gives me the possibility to react more in the moment - to create something new, something special for the night. Let me show you what that means. So let’s get started!” - Ben


See How Ben Böhmer Produces Music

We are sitting down with Ben in the studio in Berlin, taking a closer look into his production process, idea generation, how he writes chords and melodies as well as him sharing his favourite effects and processing techniques.


About this Masterclass

Ben is one of the most played artists in Melodic Techno/House according to Spotify (over 2,4 Million monthly listeners atm) and probably the most requested PML artist to share his production process in a masterclass.

Now you can follow Ben explaining how "Beyond Beliefs" came together - from the first idea to the final mix.

2h+ of lessons covering:

  • idea generation
  • production process
  • favourite effects and processing techniques
  • sound & sample selection
  • arrangement & mixing

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