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Challenge: Remaking the Ten Walls signature sound using Ableton only

Ableton Remake Sound Design

We handed ourselves another production challenge. We listened to the new track "Sparta" by Ten Walls and decided to give it a shot a remake the basic feel and the signature sounds using only Ableton Live 9 Suite (and 2 Ableton Packs: Orchestral Brasses and Orchestral Woodwinds).

We worked with 3 grouped stems in this project. Stem 1 for the drumming, #2 for the bass sounds (the bass sound is pretty similar to the bass sound in Ten Walls' 2014 banger "Walking with elephants") and #3 for pads, woodwinds and brasses. So the tutorial below consists more or less equally of the explanation of those 3 parts:  

In the first half, we're trying to replicate the original track, then, we're putting in our own melodies, bass notes and pad chords, taking the project into a different direction and starting our own creative process.

The result sounds like this:  


Our own adaption:



You can get the template of this projects with the midi notes and melodies from the soundcloud preview over here:



Walking with elephants, Ten Walls inspired style, Ableton, Requiem, Sparta, 

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