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10 Tips On How To Get More Streams On Spotify (2024)

How To Get More Streams On Spotify

What's the best way to get more streams on Spotify? In this article, we've compiled ten tips on how to grow your number of streams organically. Without the purchasing fake plays or doing costly marketing schemes, we will give insight on what you can do today to secure a much higher stream count on your Spotify account.

Let's dive in.

1. Claim Your Artist Profile

If you haven't already, a crucial thing to get more streams on Spotify is claiming your Spotify Artist Profile. Doing it ensures that you get full control over your own artist profile, highlight your top tracks, new releases, and even recommend playlists. If done correctly and updated regularly, your followers will be very keen on following you to get the latest of your updates.

Furthermore, you also get excellent statistics on who your listeners are. With Spotify Artists, you will learn the gender, age, and location of all your listeners. You will also see where they find you, allowing you to laser focus your marketing efforts to get more streams on Spotify.

2. Create Your Own Playlists

Creating your own playlists is an excellent way of building a solid follower base and getting more Spotify streams. Chances are, you’re already following a few playlists in Spotify yourself.

If you haven’t explored the feature yet, it's a list of music that people can follow to get your updates of added tracks. Spotify users usually find playlists by searching for the tags in your playlist name and description, often genre.

If you’re creating angry electronic music, create a super playlist called "Music For When You're Angry," add a great picture and description, and throw in a few of your tracks there. Chances are, you’ll gain followers that will end up listening to your music.

3. Market Your Music

The absolute critical factor to getting more Spotify streams is to market yourself and your music. But the trick is, you want people to listen to you in Spotify – therefore, you should focus your marketing efforts on driving traffic to your Spotify link.

How do you market so that people listen to you in Spotify? Give them an incentive to listen to you there rather than anywhere else.

A great way to drive people to your Spotify artist page is to upload music teasers on YouTube, with a little more than half the song. To listen to the full track, the viewer must visit your Spotify page. If you’re crafting great music – they will be bound to do it.

4.Submit Your Music To Playlist Curators

Spotify isn’t just a listening platform – it’s also a thriving community of music producers, labels, and industry leaders. Most labels and people heavily involved in the music industry have playlists. And you can apply to many of Spotify’s curated playlists free of charge.

If your track, or multiple songs, gets accepted to a massive playlist, you will secure many streams on your Spotify. And getting playlisted is a snowball effect – the more people that start listening to you, the more they will add you to their playlist, share with friends, and so on. It all works in your favor.

Free Spotify Playlist Curators:




Work Hard Playlist Hard

Simon Field

5. Embed A Spotify Play Button

As a part of your marketing strategy to get more Spotify streams, you need to make it easy for people to listen to you on Spotify. Rather than making people open Spotify and searching for your artist name, a great way to getting more streams is embedding a play button on your website.

With just one click, people can listen to your music without leaving your site.

  1. Right-click on your music track
  2. Select Share
  3. Click Copy Embed Code

You now get an embedded code that you can paste on your website. However, the downside here is that you need an artist's website. You also need to drive traffic to that website. But if you manage that, getting more Spotify streams can effectively be done with an embedded play button

6. Post On Social Media

And as an artist, you must be everywhere on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter are critical to securing a solid following and, as a result, more streams.

Sharing the ultimate social media strategy would take tens of articles on its own, but all effective strategies boil down to a couple of things that I will share with you now.

To get more followers on social media, you must:

  • Interact
  • Post regularly
  • Stand out
  • Give value

Interacting with fans, other artists, and people is vital. And not just commenting, "great post.” No. For you to establish a solid social media following, your comments and interactions must be thought-through, friendly, and, most importantly, personal. Interact with others enough, and you will get people following you back, securing more Spotify streams in the process.

And by posting regularly, standing out, and providing value – you have compelling reasons for people to start following you.

You must also include your Spotify link in all your social media biographies. This ensures interest and many smooth streams for your Spotify.

7. Release New Music Consistently

Having just one or two tracks on your Spotify doesn’t do it to get more streams. People want more – and they want new. That’s why you have to consistently release new music, giving people an incentive to follow you and stream your music more.

How often do you have to release music? Frankly, not that often. You don’t have to become a music production machine that releases several new tracks each week. If you can, that’s awesome, but once a month or a few tracks every couple of months is fine.

The key is, you need consistency to get more streams. So get into your studio and make more music. If you’re struggling, there are great courses that can spark your creative fire back on.

8. Choose Great Artwork

The visuals of your album or song cover matters. Similar to website designs, people are allergic to bad quality images. This allergy is also true for lousy picture choices – images that don't speak to your listeners (or potential listeners.)

If your album cover is a pixelated mess with red comic sans text slapped across it, it's time to step up. But does that mean you have to learn advanced Photoshop yourself? If you want to. A better and less stressful way though, is hiring someone who knows their way around designing great artwork. And on the internet, there are plenty of those people.

Two great options for finding an affordable freelance designer is Fiverr and Upwork. Upload a job post, asking for an album cover and what you want.

9. Tease People To Your Spotify

This step goes together with the “market yourself” point, and the reasoning behind it is simple – to get more streams on Spotify, you need to make people listen to you on Spotify.

Sorry for stating the obvious, but it’s true. Once you focus your marketing efforts on making people listen to you on Spotify, you’ll get more streams.

There are several ways to do it. But as mentioned before, a good start is including your Spotify link everywhere on social media. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and make sure your profiles are impressive. The next step is optimizing your marketing strategy to get those sweet visitors of yours, click your links. Again, I can’t teach you how in this article alone.

A good starting point is getting basic knowledge in social media marketing. Watch YouTube clips, or read up on Google. There are tons of free resources for optimizing your social media marketing strategy.

10. Make Excellent Music

Our last and final tip on how to get more streams on Spotify is to make excellent music. Suppose your social media strategy is on point. In that case, you drive traffic to your Spotify artist page, and you’ve ended up on playlists. What will make your fans stick around? Only excellent music quality will ensure longevity and rising popularity.

You must aim for a professional studio sound. Mediocre arrangements, sound design, mixing, and mastering doesn't cut it. In most cases, only a professional sound will make you an excellent amount of Spotify streams – even make your music go viral.

Luckily, we offer excellent music production courses to teach you step-by-step how to make professional sounding music. We even have courses that teach you how to get billboard sound quality starting from scratch.

Learn How To Mix Professionally And Get More Spotify Streams

With fantastic mixing, you make your track genuinely come alive. And your listeners feel it.

When your mixing is on point, you give your listeners even more incentive to repeatedly listen to your track. They want to hear your bright, crystal clear reverbs, brain-tickling panning techniques, and heartfelt mixing surprises.

In just five hours, you learn professional, studio-quality mixing with the Mixing A Track from Start To Finish course.


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Thanks for reading.


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