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Making 4 Key Sounds of Ben Böhmer in DIVA vs SERUM (Anjunadeep Tutorial)


What’s up guys! My name is LAR and today we’re going to look at making some Ben Böhmer sounds using u-he Diva. In the last article I did it with Serum. We’ll compare the two to see which of the synths works better in this style. Let’s get started!

We’ll make 4 elements: Bass, Chords, Pluck and Swells.

Here’s how it sounds:


1. Bass

Let’s get started with the bass.

If we use the initial Diva patch, it sounds quite nice already.

What we could do is engage another oscillator, which adds a bit of an upper tone:


u-he diva

2. Chords

Let’s just proceed to the chords:

What we’re looking for is a saw/square wave and a bit of noise, so let’s turn on these oscillators:


u-he diva


I’ll also adjust the attack to make the sound come in quite gradually.

With a bit of reverb the sound should be ready:


3. Pluck

As for the pluck, we’ll use a preset from our Organica pack called DoublePluck.

If we change the wave into a sawtooth and add a slight LFO, it should sound like this:


u-he diva


4. Swell

The last element is going to be a “Swell Pad”.

We’ll use the default sound with a slow attack and a slow decay, with a slow Triangle LFO assigned to the filter cutoff, as well as a bit of noise.

On top we’ll use a Shimmer Reverb from Ableton:


hybrid shimmer reverb

Let’s compare Diva with Serum now!

Serum Version:

Diva Version:


I hope this was helpful for you guys!

This double pluck here was from the Organica pack so you guys can grab that.

I highly highly recommend it, mainly for the drums. To be fair, the drums are really, really nice and these Diva patches are great as well - as you've heard.

Alright, that's it guys! I will catch you in the next tutorials.




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