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Working on Progressive House Ableton Project - Explaining Errors and Techniques

This production session includes a good example why it's better to be patient when it comes to mixing and mastering. You might regret your poor mix later, when its too late and your track is already released. In the session, Francois picks up one of his old project files and explains errors in production, mixing and workflow. We are working in the style of Dinka, Mossy, EDX and generally in dreamy Progressive House.


  • 01:40 Overview of Project
  • 07:45 Quick Look at Chords
  • 10:57 Editing Guitar Tracks
  • 21:10 Comparing to version on Spotify (Mixing, Mastering Errors)
  • 23:30 Balance (House or Trance Track)
  • 33:30 Sidechain Trick
  • 41:00 Gladiator (hot or not)
  • 45:00 Transitions (Arrangement Tips)
  • 58:30 RC-Color Tool test
  • 01:10:00 Sound Design Pluck with Sylenth1
  • 01:21:17 Sound Design FM8 type sound with Sylenth1
  • 01:31:00 Playback


Resources / Files: 




Keywords: Avoiding errors in mixing and mastering - you might otherwise regret later.

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