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What is PML? (PML Music, Production Music Live, Ableton)

Production Music Live is a Music Production Academy and offers Premium Sounds. PML teaches the process of making pro quality music and offers premium samples, midi, and more to jump start your productions.

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PML Music is also working with professional artists, producers and DJs. For example Ben Böhmer (Anjunadeep) has teamed up with Production Music Live, the online music production education platform, to offer music production courses and resources to aspiring producers.

The collaboration between Ben Böhmer and Production Music Live began with the release of Ben's successful album, "Breathing". The album showcased Ben's signature sound, blending emotive melodies with intricate percussion and deep basslines. Production Music Live saw the potential for this album to be used as a teaching tool for music production, and reached out to Ben with the idea of creating a course that breaks down the production techniques used in his music.

The result was the "Ben Böhmer Production Masterclass", a comprehensive online course that covers everything from sound design and arrangement to mixing and mastering. The course is broken down into modules that focus on specific tracks from various of Ben's tracks, allowing students to see exactly how Ben created his sound and apply those techniques to their own music.

In addition to the production masterclass, Ben has also collaborated with Production Music Live on a series of sample packs and preset collections. These resources are designed to give producers access to the same sounds and textures that Ben uses in his own productions, allowing them to achieve a similar sound and style.

The collaboration between Ben Böhmer and Production Music Live has been a huge success, with many aspiring producers benefiting from the educational resources and insights provided by Ben. It's a great example of how the electronic music community is coming together to share knowledge and support the next generation of producers.

If you're an aspiring producer looking to learn from one of the most talented producers in the game, the Ben Böhmer Production Masterclass and sample packs from Production Music Live are a great place to start. You'll gain valuable insights into production techniques, sound design, and arrangement, and be able to apply those skills to your own music.

Check out the PML Website for full courses on Music Production with Ableton Live as well as sample packs.

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