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Top 5 Free Limiter VST Plugins (Windows & Mac)

In this list you’ll find the absolute top 5 of free limiter plugins for both Windows & Mac. The list includes plugins from big names and less known developers. The limiters are specialized in different tasks, from giving you maximum transparency to an analog feel. Let’s get started!

1. D16 Frontier (Mac/Win)

Frontier is a studio-grade limiter plug-in with simple and straightforward user interface. It allows for quick and efficient controlling dynamics of a channel, bus or master output. Frontier can be used as very transparent mixing / mastering limiter (at certain settings) with just licking the loudest amplitude peaks, or can be utilized as sound-shaper too, when more extreme settings are at stake. Especially with soft-clip option is enabled.

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2. Limited-Z by LVC Audio (Mac/Win)

Limited-Z is a specialized and easy-to-use limiter, based on the foundation of being a capable look-ahead brickwall limiter suitable for final mixing or mastering. Limited-Z dynamically combines several unique limiting algorithms to provide transparent limiting on all audio sources. Limited-Z is capable of substantial levels of compression/limiting without inadvertently creating excessive amounts of audible distortion.

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3. LoudMax by Thomas Mundt (Mac/Win)

LoudMax is a Look-Ahead Brickwall Loudness Maximizer Plugin with a clean transparent sound. It is designed to retain the original character of the music as much as possible even at high compression levels.

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4. dBcomp from Analog Obsession (Mac/Win)

dBComp was tailor-made for use on drums in live situations or in the studio. You can also use the plugin for other instruments such as guitars, basses, and even vocals to give them a more “snappy” sound. 

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5.YALA from Analog Obsession (Mac/Win)

YALA is a vintage Vari-Mu tube limiting amplifier which adds shine to your mixes, allows you to level vocals and basses - it's great for all purposes. 

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