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"Take Care Of You" Style Ableton & Serum Tutorial (Future Bass)


In this tutorial, we are remaking the Future Bass sound of Saje "Take Care Of You" with Ableton Live 9 and Serum. We are only using Ableton Live 9 elements and Xfer Records Serum.  



Learn more about our FULL Start To Finish courses:

  • Learn the foundations of Harmony & Chord Progressions
  • Learn how to produce music in Ableton Live



Available courses:

  • Beginners: Producing A Track From Start To Finish in Ableton Live
  • Producing A Deep House Track From Start To Finish
  • Producing A Future Bass Track From Start To Finish
  • Producing A Melodic Track From Start To Finish
  • Harmony & Chord Progressions
  • Mixing A Track From Start To Finish
  • How to use NI Massive for Sound Design
  • How to use Xfer Serum for Sound Design


Keywords: saje take care of you style track with ableton live, drums with ableton live, future bass remix with serum and ableton project file, edit, starting with ableton live, starting out with ableton live.

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