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Q&A Interview with Emanuel Satie - Techno/House Producer (Instagram Takeover)

Welcome to Emanuel Satie ProductionMusicLive Instagram Takover

We recently had our Instagram @ProductionMusicLive taken over by our fellow Techno/House producer Emanuel Satie. For a day, we got to follow him around Istanbul before playing an insane set on the huge venue Zorlu PSM.

If you want the full experience, check out our Instagram and watch our saved stories.

He answered a lot of questions for you producers who are just starting out, and gave some great tips on hardware and best starting DAW.

Let's get started...

What's your best advice for producers who are just starting out?

Don't focus on quick success. Focus on learning your craft first. Also, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is a great book to read. It teaches you how to think and behave like a professional artist.

What's the first thing you do when starting a new track?

In my opinion, the more developed your starting drum sounds are, the harder it is to find a good main idea that fits. I usually start out with a very basic kick, hat and clap pattern, using them as a metronome. After that, I immediately start working on the lead and atmosphere sounds. It is only when I've found my lead idea that I start to develop my drums around it.

Which DAW would you suggest to musicians just starting out?

I recommend Ableton. It's quite easy to understand in the beginning, but it also has the power to do more advanced stuff later on.


Scroll down to read the rest of the Q&A, first, a quick recap on his Instagram takover...


Emanuel Satie arriving in Istanbul

Emanuel Satie in Istanbul Turkey Playing a Gig on Zorlu PSM

Emanuel Satie says hello and shows off the insane traffic in the heart of Istanbul. Look both ways before you cross the street...


Coffee and Jellyfishes

Emanuel Satie Drinking Turkish Coffee and Turkish Water with Jellyfish

Turkish coffee is awesome, and what better to accompany it than the view of seaside Istanbul? The water didn't look that great though, or maybe if you like being covered in jelly...


Europe to the left - Asia to the right

Europe and Asia are visible from Istanbul Turkey

From Istanbul you can see both Europe (left) and Asia (right). Pretty neat.


The Venue

Venue in Istanbul Turkey where Emanuel Satie played Techno and House

Emanuel Satie played at the Zorlu PSM, an absolutely insane venue in Istanbul. It's a huge venue hosting broadway shows, classic orchestras, opera, jazz and great dance numbers, right in the heart of Istanbul.


But first, more coffee

Emanuel Satie Drinking More Coffee

What's the best way to prepare for a gig? More coffee, of course.


Emanuel Satie doing his thing

Emanuel Satie Playing at Zorlu PSM in Istanbul

And here's the man in action. For video clips and the full story, check out our story "Takeover" on our Instagram @ProductionMusicLive.


See you Istanbul

Emanuel Satie says good bye to Istanbul Turkey

A great time in Istanbul and a killer gig. Now, let's continue on with his Q&A...


Producer Q&A with Emanuel Satie

Questions and Answers with Emanuel Satie

Which headphones are best for music production?

I use the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. They have quite a balanced sound for a reasonable price. Also, they are very comfortable.

Which do you prefer - Home or an External studio?

Definitely an external studio, if you can afford it. Having my private home and workplace separate puts me in the right mindset and makes me more productive.

However, the most important thing is to make music anywhere and everywhere.

Do you enjoy Istanbul?

I love Istanbul! One of my favorite cities in the world (apart from the traffic).

How do you make your sub bass sound huge, yet clean and smooth? What techniques should one focus on?

One tip: roll of the low end with a resonant low-cut filter. That way you get rid of the mud in the deepest lows, while still boosting the subs you want for a huge bass sound in the club. Check out the video we published on low-end for more ideas.

Is having a music degree important to be an artist?

It's not necessary to become a successful producer/DJ, but all knowledge is good. So if you have an interest in studying music, do it.

How do you get in contact with record labels?

Some labels check demos, so always try your luck and send out emails (remember to put in effort). Also, when you hear a DJ is supporting your music, write them and send new stuff. In general, getting noticed takes time, so just focus on getting better. When your music sounds amazing, the big labels will notice.

Interview with Emanuel on DJSounds

Any tips on adding ear candy and tiny details to my track, to make it sound professional?

Record automation's and fills, don't program them. It's much more fun and you come up with way better ideas.

I got releases on bigger techno labels, but no gigs... do you have any tips?

It's completely normal. Unless you have a big hit, it's gonna take a couple of releases for promoters to notice. You can't plan having a hit, so try to do as many releases on respected labels as you can (around 5 a year). When you keep this up for 2 years, I guarantee you a full calendar. Consistency is everything, don't look for quick results.

It is possible to create a banger using only stock and free plugins?

Absolutely, no problem. But why would you limit yourself to that?

What's your audio interface?

MOTU 828 MkII.

Why and when do you use headphones instead of a monitor?

I use headphones for when I want to get a different perspective of the track, or when I'm on tour. You will notice different things on headphones, so I always double check on headphones when I'm in doubt.

What audio interface do you use with the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro? Mine are 250 ohms and very quiet...

Same here, they are quiet. But it's actually positive for me as I tend to listen in headphones way too loud and get ear fatigue early as a result. With the 990's I can focus much longer.

Is a $40 microphone good for recording vocals?

Obviously not the best choice, but with a good room and good processing and mixing, you can get good results. If you don't have the budget to buy a better mic, focus on learning everything you can about vocal mix down and processing.


Thanks for reading!

We'd like to give a big thanks to Emanuel Satie for doing this takeover and answering your questions. We definitely look forward to him taking over our Instagram again.

Listen to Emanuel Satie on Spotify




 Pelle Sundin PLMTRZ

About the author
Pelle Sundin is a Swedish music producer and freelance copywriter, currently active with his chillout project PLMTRZ. He also produces psychedelic trance. When he's not producing music, he surfs, skates and chugs coffee.


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