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How To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists

One of the reasons why Spotify is the most popular streaming service is because of its music discovery options. The quality of playlists on this platform beats all the competition. As a result, artists get a new possibility of promoting their music.

Spotify offers two kinds of playlists: official and user-created. Official playlists are usually more popular, but user-generated playlists offer an even greater variety of genres. Let’s start from official playlists - like RapCaviar or New Music Friday.

How do I get a track on an official playlist?

There’s three ways.

1. Spotify For Artists

This year Spotify launched a playlist submission service. It means that when you upload a track to Spotify through a distributor, you can submit it to a playlist through the Spotify for Artists website. You need to do it before it’s released though.

2. SubmitHub

You can also submit your music to Spotify playlists through a website called SubmitHub. This website gives you an ability to pitch your music to multiple music content curators like Spotify playlist owners or YouTube channel owners.

3. PR Agents

You can hire a PR agent who has direct contacts to Spotify playlist owners. This used to be the only option back in the day. Make sure you’re using a good agent - some of them price their work quite high, and the results aren’t always great.

Btw, see the top 10 music distribution services to get your music onto streaming services.


How do I get a track on an unofficial (user-created) playlist?

The answer is simple.

On Spotify, check who is the author of the playlist and google the name. If you manage to find some form of contact to the owner, pitch them your track in a private message on social media or through email, which is most professional option.

Bear in mind that you can’t get on all the playlists. It’s crucial to narrow down your options to the playlists that match the style of your track the most. You don’t want to pitch your track to a hundred playlist owners, but if you pitch to just one playlist, there’s a big chance that your track won’t get accepted. I would recommend to start from 5 to 10 playlists and to see what the response is.

Good luck with promoting your music!

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