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How To Afro House like Black Coffee, Rampa in Ableton | Sound Pack


Percussive Afro House - Ableton Sound & Sample Pack

In the video above, we are using percussion sounds, midis and Ableton presets to create an afro house drum groove. All the samples are part of the new Afro House Sound pack.

Give Away: comment below the youtube video until February 27th 2021 and get a chance to win a copy of the Afro House pack.

Elements of a Deep / Afro House Track
00:00​ Start
00:37​ Intro
00:48​ Pack
01:50​ Contest
02:04​ Start Walkthrough / Kick Bass Group
03:40​ Bassline
04:08​ Basic Groove Idea
04:20​ Snare
05:30​ Funky Bassline
07:15​ Clave - Rhythmical Explanation
08:37​ Hihats
09:40​ Bongo
10:30​ Shakers - Swing Explanation
11:06​ Tom Layer
12:33​ Noise Tool
13:00​ Wooden Percs
13:44​ Top Loop
14:24​ Chord Hits
15:22​ Added Tone
15:49​ Pluck Element serving like a Pad here
21:30​ Playback

About Percussive Afro House Sound Pack


This pack brings you closer to the sound of artists like Rampa, Dixon, Ame, Black Coffee or &me. The groovy loops and organic one shots will elevate static tracks and give them the rhythm and feel you might be missing.

In addition to 150 handcrafted one shots and over 140 ready to use & royalty-free loops you get 3 fully produced Ableton Project Files to deep dive into this immersive world of sound.

To tap into the sounds of the pros you get over 30 fully usable Ableton Instruments ranging from Basses over Pads and Plucks to weird detuned analog synth compositions.

No third party software required! This pack uses only Ableton plugins.

What You Get

  •  3 Full new Ableton Project Files (Templates). Ready-to-use Ableton Live projects for you to remix, re-edit, and use as parts for your own productions.
  •  Sample Pack containing 250+ Loops and One Shots.
  •  30+ Ableton Instruments meticulously crafted using only native Ableton Plugins.
  •  100+ Ableton Instruments Presets including plucks, pads, basses, leads, and signature sounds.
  • Midi files included (60+ Chords, Pads and Arps)

>> Click here to take a look into the Pack


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