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Tip of the Day: Compare your song - 3 easy Tips

Tip of the Day: Compare your song - 3 easy Tips

You want your new track to get picked up by DJs and be played in clubs? Try mixing it with songs of the same genre yourself, before you push it to soundcloud or spotify. Grab a free DJ tool like virtual DJ (we do not recommend that for playing a long set live, but for this purpose it is sufficient) and mix your track with a comparable one.

This way you can find out what your composition or remix is missing. Most likely you will find things like: not enough punch, not loud enough, too “muddy”, missing groovy hihats or having a undefined low end.

By comparing your track you can identify it´s weaknesses and approach them individually.

Tip 1: Similarity

Pick a track that is really similar to yours and identify differences or flaws. Then choose a more diverse track and do the same. That way you get a more profound picture of what your song needs.

Tip 2: Free Shots

Invite some friends to play DJ for a night (if you not already are a DJ). Mix some tunes and give away a free shot or whatever they fancy to the one identifying your track. Ask them how and why they made their decision and try to see slightly negative feedback as help and a starting point for your improvements.

Tip 3: No Copycats

Stay unique! Do not try to copy what the other songs do, but try to approach the problems your way. There is nothing more important than creating your own sound!

Comparing is caring - for your song!


Your track does not stand the test? Try a new Chords!

Learn all you need to know to write your own Chord Progressions in this online Start to Finish Course!

You will learn:

1. Principles of Western Harmony

2. Theory behind Chord Progressions

3. Theory applied on real track

4. Rules and codes for "hit-song" progressions 

... and a lot more!


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