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Ableton Live Q&A (January 2017)

Results of a quick Q&A session with "monte" on our Youtube Channel:



Results of a quick Q&A session with "monte" on our Youtube Channel:

Using separate EQs and Filters for each step

Q: why do you have multiple EQs and auto filters in a chain? couldn't you just use one EQ for everything and automate the high cut on it?

A: Yes, that would be possible. I'm using multiple devices to make it as easy as possible for the viewer to follow the single steps in the process.


Using send reverb vs. reverb as insert effect

Q: I've also had trouble following your reverb technique. when do you send to a reverb bus vs put reverb directly on the track? I find that sending to a bus makes it difficult for me to get a realllllly wet sound on the track I'm sending.

A: Thats pretty much how I'd use it too. If i can achieve my reverb goal with a send fx, I'll do it. If I have the need to work out the exact sound more precisely, I'm putting it in the instrument's chain and tweak it there.


Using Ableton's utility instead of using the track faders

Q: ok last question - I see you have a utility at the end of all of your tracks. why not just automate volume, etc on the tracks themselves?

A:  if you automate on the track itself, you'll always have to readjust the curves when making changes in the mixing stage later. you avoid that by keeping the channel automation free.

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