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Splitting Sub-Bass Frequencies - Sub Separation


In this video, we’re focussing on sub separation. It doesn’t only apply for future house, but works the same for other genres like electro house, dubstep and drum n’ bass. The key concept is separating the sub bass frequencies from manipulations you’re applying on your sounds in the mid and higher frequencies. If we we’re for example going to use a bitcrusher on our bass sound, it would probably significantly stir up the sound in sub frequencies and add unwanted disturbing character to our mix.  



Therefore, we separate our bass sounds in two or more parts:  

  1. A sine-wave sub bass (playing frequencies up to 16hz-70hz).
  2. Melodic bass elements in layers above around 70hz, where we can apply all sorts of sound manipulations.
  3. Instrument layers and additional FX stuff.    


Get the Template from this video. 



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