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4 Things Holding You Back From The Finisher's Mindset

4 Things Holding You Back From The Finisher's Mindset

What's holding you back from the finisher's mindset? Nothing defines a producer more than their ability to consistently finish music. Possessing a 'Finisher's Mindset' is a highly desirable trait in any creative industry. 

But what's the finisher's mindset in music production? It's a producers ability to follow through and actually finish the tracks they started. Habits define how a producer works, and having good habits is vital to develop the right mindset. These habits can be simple things like basic workflow techniques to more complicated concepts like mixing/mastering decisions. 

So why don't more Ableton users work towards developing habits and mindsets that lead to finishing music and releasing tracks?

There are many reasons why producers struggle to finish more music, and it is often a symptom of more significant underlying issues. 

Let's get real with each other and start examining what is holding you back from a 'Finisher's Mindset.'

Let's explore the four things holding you back from completing more tracks faster - and how to get rid of them.

1. Your Self-Consciousness 

Creators across all industries suffer from a damning cycle. It starts with the initial inspiration, followed by meaningful work needed to bring inspiration to life. It is around this time that any number of problems arise. For producers, it could be a lack of sound design knowledge to make the synth patches they need, or the inability to work enough variety into a section that has grown stale. Self-doubt creeps in, and they have the option to work through it or quit. 

A common thread seen through many of these faults is a producer's lack of confidence in the decisions they are making inside their DAW. Second-guessing sample selection or arrangement choices can block the creative process long after you lay down your initial ideas. Top-tier producers gain their confidence through many hours in the studio, perfecting their craft. But there are other ways to build confidence in your mixing, composing, and other production decisions. Learning from music industry professionals through masterclasses and courses gives you invaluable insights into every music production decision you make. Courses and study allow you to move throughout the creative process with ease and confidence, opening you up to a mindset of finishing more music.  

2. Work vs. Time

There is a philosophy known as Pareto Distribution that when applied towards producing music, says that the first 80% of the work needed to produce a track is easy compared to the final 20%. It is in the final edits, micro-mixing decisions, and final mastering process that so many producers give up. They abandon their tracks the moment their creativity forces them to be technical. 

A finishing mindset prepares you for the most challenging parts that require the most significant amount of work that presents themselves at the end. 

Do you find yourself abandoning projects because you lack the technical skills needed to give them the polish and shine of professionally-produced music? 

Mixing/Mastering Courses at Production Music Live teaches you exactly how to bring that last bit of quality to your tracks and make them stand out from the rest. The final push that causes many producers to abandon their tracks can quickly become second nature to you.

3. Not Knowing What You Want

Producers at every level sometimes bumble through the studio sessions without defined goals. Without knowing what you want and what your goal sound is, it is impossible to reach it. That way, you never know when you are finished.

It is always good to do some self-reflection and know what you want out of music production. Knowing what you wish to happen applies both in the long-term and short-term. 

Long-term goals could be anything from labels you wish to release on, financial security through your music, or to be a devoted hobbyist. 

Short-term goals help keep your studio sessions on track and directed through daily or weekly goals. These could be anything from devoting twenty-minutes to writing a chord progression to commit to laying out an entire arrangement by the end of the week. 

4. Comparing Yourself to Others 

Comparing yourself to other producers is likely to be the most significant cause of self-doubt within many producers. Ira Glass, a famous journalist, was part of a short discussion talking about the distance between taste and skill and the amount of work needed to bridge that gap. We are all producers first because we have good taste in music and likely know what works and what doesn't. But struggling to match our technical skill with the taste we develop for music is where the resistance begins to set in, and the whole process begins to feel like work.

We hear our favorite records, and wish we could have powerful drum samples like the professionals. We hear the detailed sound design in iconic tracks and get discouraged, not knowing how to achieve similar results. 

This final stage is where the finisher's mindset kicks into gear and embraces the struggle needed to grow as a producer.

Get out of your comfort zone and into a Finisher's Mindset. You got this.

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