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Creative Chord Writing Tip (1)

Writing deeper chord progressions: Lets try and design a rather exotic sounding chord. We could combine regular major / minor triads into poly chords. Lets build a classic one first:

1. First chord: Use C major (C-E-G) 

2. Second chord: G major (G-B-D) 

For the 2nd chord, we picked G major (G-B-D) because it has its root a perfect fifth above the root of the first chord. 

Creative Chord Design

3. If we play the two chords together, we’re getting a Cmaj9 chord (C-E-G-B-D)

Tip: Look for chords that have a note or two in common whenever you’re not sure which chords to combine. (inspired by CMM 10/2015)






If you want to learn more about the basics of harmony and chord progressions, check out our in-depth course:

PML Course: "Harmony and Chord Progressions"


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