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Producing chill beats in the style of OSHI with Ableton Live 9 using MASSIVE

Screenshot Oshi Ableton Project

We had some requests for a tutorial on OSHI's style. So here's a sort-of remake of OSHI - Think About made in Ableton Live 9 using NI Massive. 

Steps / Prerequisites:

  • What you need:
    • Ableton Live 9 (Standard is enough) & NI MASSIVE VST
    • A drum sample pack 
    • Then you're good to go for a remake in this style!


    Watch the full tutorial here: 


    - Check our Future Beat Preset Pack for NI MASSIVE: http://bit.ly/pml_s_massive_vol10

    - Get our "Deep Premium Vol. 1" Drum Pack here: http://bit.ly/pml_s_deeppremium 

    - Additionally, we’re offering our remake templatehttp://bit.ly/pml_s_tmp_oshii




    OSHI Style type beat Remix Remake Ableton Live, How to sound like OSHI Template, .als midi midis



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