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How to Make a "Donk" FM Bass in Vital (Deep House like Gorgon City, Joel Cory, Croatia Squad)


Hi Everyone!

This is Leo Lauretti from Abstrakt Music Lab and in today’s article on Production Music Live we’re going to create a preset in Vital. It sounds like this:


This preset was taken from the Cercle Deep Sounds preset pack for Vital that you can check here in the description below - it’s a new preset pack that Production Music Live has available, so go check it out for sure.

Let’s get started with our sound design.

First, you need an LFOTool or other volume ducking tool - like Volume Shaper or Flux Mini 2 to create a simple “4 to the floor” sidechain type effect.

lfo tool

And before you make this preset, make sure to download and install our “Massive Wavetables”.

In Vital, we’re going to use the wavetable “Roughmath II”.

With the wavetable slider, let’s select the upper most frame and use the “Lowpass” mode to reduce it to a sinewave (Pitch -24 semitones)

Oscillator 2 is going to be “Square-Saw I” in the square position also with -24 semitones.

The last oscillator is going to be Sin-Square in the sine position - default pitch.

vital synth

We’re going to be using FM modulation from Oscillator 3 on oscillator 1 at about ⅓.


We’ll use two lowpass filters to shape this sound: Analog 24 dB.

First one will filter all of our oscillators, and filter 2 is going to process the signal after the first filter. 

vital synth

We’ll use a simple short decay envelope to modulate these filters:


vital synth

For the final touches, we’ll add Distortion, Reverb and EQ with a slight boost of the high frequencies:

vital synth


That’s it for this sound.

I hope to see you soon!

- Leo


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